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Washington Coliseum

Washington Coliseum opened in 1941 on 3rd and M street, NE, in Washington DC. Until 1960, it was named Uline Arena. It housed nearly all professional sports in Washington (BAA / ABA basketball and EHL /AHL hockey) until 1974 when the Capital Centre opened. The Coliseum was the site of the Beatles first US concert in 1964. During hockey games, it was known for the almost square corners where the Zamboni could not reach and the echo when the puck hit the end boards. The team benches were actually within the first row of seats three feet above the ice. The Coliseum had chain link fence at both rink ends. The ice surface was no longer used after 1976. The Coliseum continued to host some other events until it closed in 1986. The building has since been used as Christian Faith Center and as a trash transfer station. Since 2005, it has been used as an indoor parking lot.


7 Time Chesapeake Hockey League Champions!!